Criminal Law

SMK Advocats has been acting for many years in the field of criminal jurisdiction throughout the national territory.

In the area of Criminal Jurisdiction, the Criminal Law Department of SMK Advocats, led by Sergi Mercé Klein, offers advice and defence in all types of criminal proceedings, acting, depending on the case, either as a private prosecutor through the filing of complaints and lawsuits, or as a defence lawyer for anyone who has received a complaint or lawsuit or is accused in criminal proceedings for any of the following offences:

  • Crimes against persons.
    SMK Advocats provides legal assistance in proceedings for crimes of homicide, murder, abortion, injuries, and crimes against sexual freedom (sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment). In the following links you can access two examples of proceedings in which SMK Advocats has intervened, one of them for murder and the other for sexual abuse, obtaining in both cases a favourable resolution to our client’s interests.
    Some articles of our cases of crimes against persons:
    Gynaecologist case II
    Gynaecologist case I
    Murder in Badalona
  • Crimes against privacy, the right to one’s own image and the inviolability of the home.
    SMK Advocats provides legal assistance in proceedings arising from infringements of the right to privacy and self-image, especially in proceedings for the offence of discovery and disclosure of secrets committed, for example, through unauthorised access to a third party’s e-mail.
  • Offences against honour.SMK Advocats has been involved in numerous proceedings for slander and libel offences. In the following link you can access a press article about our extensive experience in such proceedings.
    Some articles on our cases of crimes against honour.
  • Crimes against assets.
    SMK Advocats has been involved in many proceedings for economic crimes, including proceedings for fraud, misappropriation, asset stripping and corporate crimes.
  • Offences against property.
    SMK Advocats can provide you with advice and criminal defence if you are charged with a tax offence. We can also give you advice on how to avoid being charged with a tax offence.
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury and Social Security.
    SMK Advocats tiene una dilatada experiencia en la defensa de empresas y profesionales involucrados en procedimientos por accidentes laborales. En el siguiente link podrá comprobar la experiencia del despacho en esta materia.
    Algunos artículos de nuestros casos de delitos contra los derechos de los trabajadores:
    Accident at Mestalla
    Accident at the baseball field in Sant Boi de Llobregat
  • Crimes against public health.
    SMK Advocats offers legal defence in proceedings for offences against public health, especially in proceedings for drug trafficking.
  • Offences against road safety.
    SMK Advocats provides assistance and criminal defence for people charged with road safety offences, especially for drink-driving and reckless driving.
  • Forgery.
    SMK Advocats has been involved in numerous proceedings for all types of forgery.
  • Delitos contra la administración pública.
    SMK Advocats cuenta con gran experiencia en la defensa de personas imputadas por delitos de prevaricación. Igualmente, podemos prestarle defensa jurídica en procedimientos por delitos de cohecho, tráfico de influencias o malversación.
  • Crimes against public administration.
    SMK Advocats has extensive experience in defending people charged with crimes of prevarication. We can also provide legal defence in proceedings for bribery, influence peddling and embezzlement offences.
  • Crimes against public order.
    Our firm has a great deal of experience and can defend you in cases of attacks on authority or illegal possession of weapons.
  • Trials for minor offences.
    SMK Advocats has been involved in numerous trials for minor offences and can therefore provide advice and defence in these proceedings.
  • Criminal liability of legal persons.
    Since the entry into force of Organic Law 5/2010 on the Reform of the Criminal Code, by virtue of which legal entities have become criminally liable for certain offences committed by their managers or employees in the exercise of their duties, SMK Advocats provides advice and defence in this area. Advice to establish protocols within the company to prevent the company from being criminally liable, with the serious consequences that this entails (fines, dissolution of the legal entity, suspension of activities, closure of its premises and establishments, judicial intervention, etc…); and defence in those cases in which the legal entity is already accused in criminal proceedings, with the aim of avoiding or minimising the consequences of a criminal conviction.

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