Legal Defense

Of quantity surveyors, technical architects and building engineers.

More than twenty years defending surveyors and technical architects, in criminal and civil law, with excellent results. If you have a legal problem, whether personal or professional, SMK ADVOCATS offers legal defense to its members.

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Criminal Law

How can we help you?

  • Crimes against honor (slander and libel)
  • Crimes of discovery and disclosure of secrets.
  • Property crimes (fraud, misappropriation, punishable insolvency).
  • Corporate crimes.
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury and Social Security.
  • Crimes against workers' rights.
  • Crimes against road safety.
  • Documentary falsehood offenses.
  • Crimes against public administration (embezzlement, bribery, prevarication).
  • Offenses against the administration of justice (false denunciation, false testimony, obstruction of justice, failure to comply with sentences).
  • Trials for minor offenses.
  • Criminal liability of legal entities.

Civil Law

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Real estate law

  • Advice on urban leases and homeowners' associations.
  • Real estate transactions, exchanges, segregations and termination of joint ownership.
  • Legal advice on mortgage matters.
  • Legal proceedings for eviction, recovery of tenancy of real estate and third party rights.
  • Horizontal property.


  • Constitution and dissolution of marriages.
  • Marriage contracts and covenants in anticipation of breakup.
  • Proceedings for dissolution of marriages, separation, divorce and modification of measures.
  • Advice on filiation and capacity of persons.

Inheritance and Donations:

  • Will planning and family wealth management.
  • Advice and processing of acceptance of inheritances, testate and intestate.
  • Advice and drafting of inheritance agreements and pre-death gifts.
  • Reclamaciones judiciales de legítimas.
  • Distribution of inheritances among heirs and assignment of real estate.

Construction law:

  • Legal advice on all types of issues related to construction law.
  • Defense in construction legal proceedings.

Contractual and non-contractual liability:

  • Claims for traffic accidents.
  • Medical malpractice claims.
  • Quantity claims.
  • Professional liability.

Commercial Law

How can we help you?

  • Advice on commercial contracts.
  • Incorporation, sale, due diligence and dissolution of companies.
  • Shareholders' agreements and shareholders' agreements.
  • Corporate restructuring transactions and exercise of the right of separation of partners.
  • Defense of the rights of minority shareholders.
  • Challenging corporate resolutions.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Second chance proceedings (bankruptcy proceedings of individuals).
  • Legal defense of quantity surveyors, technical architects and building engineers.

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